Terminix releases top 15 US termite cities list


March 21, 2017

Terminix_7739_White-5306174633911Terminix has released its ranking of the 15 most-infested U.S. cities, and revealed that residents of Mobile, Ala., reported the most cases of termite infestations in 2016, followed by three cities in Texas and four in Florida. In addition to the warmer weather, the high number of infestations in Florida can also be attributed to the presence of six invasive termite species.

The list was created by compiling termite-specific service data from more than 300 Terminix branches across the country. The rankings represent branch service areas with the highest volume of termite services throughout 2016. The Memphis, Tenn.-based nationwide firm’s list is as follows:

  1. Mobile, Ala.
  2. San Antonio, Texas
  3. Memphis, Tenn.
  4. Tampa, Fla.
  5. Miami, Fla.
  6. Los Angeles, Calif.
  7. Orlando, Fla.
  8. Jacksonville, Fla.
  9. Dallas, Texas
  10. Baton Rouge, La.
  11. Houston, Texas
  12. Oklahoma City, Okla.
  13. San Diego, Calif.
  14. Philadelphia, Pa.
  15. Little Rock, Ark.


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