‘Bird friendly’ coffee farm facilitates pest-free environment

|  March 30, 2017
Photo: ©iStock.com/Andrew_Howe

Photo: ©iStock.com/Andrew_Howe

Guaya’b cooperatives in Guatemala offer coffee roasters like Barrie House Coffee sustainable options by supporting coffee farming in its natural environment.

Guaya’b farms create a forest-like setting for birds for control of beetles and other pests that may ruin the crops.

“We are very concerned with the future of coffee and want to participate as a company that does everything it can to encourage coffee growth for decades to come,” says Barrie House CEO David Goldstein.

Bird friendly, shade grown coffee provides an array of direct results and concrete benefits to coffee production, according to Barrie House.

“Guaya’b Guatemalan organic fair trade coffee is SMBC (Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center) Bird Friendly, and the only coffee certification 100 percent guaranteed organic and shade-grown, which translates to the healthiest farms, and we are proud to offer this coffee since 2014,” Goldstein says in a news release.

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