Zoecon Professional Products: EcoPCO WP-X Water Soluble Pouches


April 12, 2017

EcoPCO WP-XFormerly available as a wettable powder, EcoPCO WP-X is now packaged in water-soluble pouches. By packaging the botanical insecticide in uniform, water-soluble pouches, users can ensure proper dilution rates without the hassle of scooping and measuring. The formulation is reduced-risk and provides quick knockdown and broad-spectrum kill, featuring a combination of active ingredients including 2-phenethyl propionate, thyme oil and pyrethrins. Ideal for crack-and-crevice, general surface and tank spray treatments, the pouches are approved for use in indoor and outdoor areas, including sensitive areas such as food-handling establishments, hospitals, hotels and more. The product is available in cases of 12 packs with 31, 0.5-ounce water soluble pouches per pack.


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