Brooklyn man says drum-playing eliminated rat infestation


April 25, 2017

Photo: ©

Photo: ©

Property owner Solomon Shlomo of Brooklyn, N.Y., claims he scared off rats infesting his building by playing the drums, according to The Brooklyn Paper.

His building in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood was inspected by the city’s health department twice following a 2015 fire on the building’s top floor, the paper said. Inspectors claimed that rat burrows and piles of debris would attract rodents, and fined him $600. Shlomo says the rats were gone before inspectors showed up.

“The whole house had rats before, but since I started to play drums I found out none of them are in the house — they’re afraid of the drumming,” Shlomo told The Brooklyn Paper.

“I was drumming and I had the rats, and all of a sudden, while I was drumming the rats were flying out. And in a couple of days I didn’t have any rats,” he continued.

Shlomo is working with city and state officials to try to get the fines removed, but said he still uses the drums.

“Every two or three days, I play a couple moments to make sure they don’t come anymore,” he said.

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