SenSci: Activ Bed Bug Lure


May 2, 2017

SenSci Activ

Photo: SenSci

How would you like to increase your bed bug interceptor catch rate by two-fold? Developed by Rutgers University, the SenSci Activ bed bug lure can be used with traditional pitfall interceptors to attract up to twice as many bed bugs into an interceptor. The lure mimics the chemicals found on the surface of the skin to attract bed bugs to the interceptor trap. The easy-to-use lure has an attractant radius of up to 5 ft., and can be used in a variety of settings, including environments where beds are not present. By placing just one lure in an interceptor on each side of the bed leg near the headboard, the lure radius would cover the entire headboard surface area. A free trial of 24 packets is available.

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