Woodstream: Victor Kill Vault Mouse Trap


May 19, 2017

VaultThe Victor Kill Vault Mouse Trap offers an inexpensive “No Touch, No See” experience. The sealed design makes it ideal for use in sensitive accounts such as schools, offices, healthcare facilities, daycare centers and similar locations. It’s designed to lure mice all the way inside, which eliminates the chances of a pet, child or customer from seeing or coming in contact with the rodent’s body. Just place bait in the trough, close the bait door, and then hold down the setting button while pulling up on the Kill-Gate to set the trap. This raises the trap’s door, which will not close until the Kill-Gate is triggered and a mouse has been caught. The entire trap may then be reused or disposed. The trap is available in a single (item M267-1) or 2-pack (item M267).


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