Xcluder: Lifetime Guarantee


June 14, 2017

Xcluder Kit

Photo: XCluder

Xcluder is now offering a lifetime guarantee on its Rodent-Proof Commercial Door Sweeps. The sweeps, designed to protect the small gap underneath an exterior door, feature reinforced rubber gaskets lined with patented Xcluder fill fabric. The sharp, coarse fibers cannot be gnawed through by rodents, and its patented combination of stainless steel and poly-fiber will not rust or degrade over time. Xcluder now guarantees that its Rodent-Proof Commercial Door Sweeps will be completely impenetrable to mice and rats for the lifetime of any properly installed product. Made in the USA, the sweeps are available in 36-, 48- and 96-in. lengths and are suitable for under door gaps up to 0.75 in.


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