Orkin techs are highway heroes


June 29, 2017

On June 10, Saul Rodriguez and Ed Werner, technicians from Orkin Pest Control’s Baltimore branch, were on their normal morning highway route when they heard a loud pop outside of their truck. At first, they thought something might have fallen off the back of the truck, but then they looked out the rearview mirror.

Instead of seeing debris from their truck, they saw a ball of fire underneath another car as it was moving over to the shoulder of the road. Rodriguez was driving, and he and Werner quickly decided they would try to help. After safely pulling over, they noticed the woman driving the car was very distraught.

Werner retrieved the fire extinguisher from the back of the truck and started using it to put out the fire, while Rodriguez was watching to make sure it didn’t spread and that the driver was OK. Emergency crews arrived on the scene within 10 minutes.

“We’re not firemen or mechanics, but we just knew we didn’t want the fire to spread, and we needed to keep as far away as we could to stay safe,” Werner says.

“I just did what I felt I would want someone to do for me in that situation,” Rodriguez says.

“The car was already hot inside when I bailed out,” the woman wrote later on a Facebook post. “If those two Orkin guys hadn’t stopped, there’s a very real possibility the fire would have spread to the interior of my car, and I would have had a totaled car, and lost everything inside it. As a single mom and disabled veteran, the loss would have been personally and financially devastating… What they did was selfless and incredible. I am SO grateful, I don’t have words.”


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