Avian Enterprises: Bird Repellent Line


July 13, 2017

Avian EnterprisesIn 2015, Devlin Reynolds, owner of bird repellent manufacturer Natural Forces and Rejex-It, passed away. His family did not want to continue the business, so they turned to Avian Enterprises, LLC to carry on the product line Reynolds developed. Avian Enterprises, a subsidiary company of Stone Soap Co. and makers of third-generation bird repellent Avian Control, saw an opportunity to expand its bird repellent business and purchased the intellectual assets (including EPA registrations) of Natural Forces and Rejex-it. Recently, Natural Forces and Rejex-It products Fog Force and Migrate have been reformulated for better performance by Avian Enterprises, and are now known as Avian Fog Force and Avian Migrate. These products are available for purchase through industry supplier-distributors such as Bird-B-Gone, Bird Buffer, Bird Barrier, and Nixalite, as well as online from Avian Enterprises directly.


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