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August 21, 2017


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McCloud Services, a South Elgin, Ill.-based firm serving Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio and Wisconsin, is generating awareness on ways food facilities can prevent Indianmeal moths (Plodia interpunctella), or IMM, from invading food facilities.

IMM is a common stored product moth pest, prevalent in food manufacturing facilities and warehouses that process grain-, nut- or cocoa-based foods. IMM typically live in the food they are feeding on, including flour, pasta, cereals, spices and dry pet foods. Most IMM are introduced into the food facility by being brought in with a food product that is already infested, making it difficult to know the source. Monitoring tools and inspection are key to identifying infestations early, before they become unmanageable.

“Indianmeal moth infestations can be difficult to control, as food facilities don’t want to throw out all the food in their food plant,” notes Anna Berry, BCE, training manager of McCloud Services. “For a plant-wide infestation, we may consider chemical control through fumigation, or non-chemical control through heat treatment. Mating disruption techniques can also be very successful in pet store aisles and contained spaces.”

McCloud Services discusses IMM mating and control options in its article, “Keep Indianmeal Moths Out of Your Facility,” which can be downloaded as a PDF here.


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