Q&A: How should pest management company owners handle a natural disaster?


August 31, 2017

In the wake of a natural disaster, such as a flood, what’s the first thing the owner of a pest management company should do and/or consider (following, of course, checking on your friends, family and employees)? Experts weigh in:


Ray Johnson

“I would call or contact our customers that may be in the affected area of disaster and offer food, water, etc. Then I’d put together a team of employees to help put their homes back intact. Also, I would suspend their service until they get back up and running, and forgive some of their debt to us if possible.”

Mark Sheperdigian

Mark Sheperdigian

“After you determine all are safe, of course, I would think the first consideration should be to community health. A week or two after a flood, mosquitoes will appear. This may be a disease transmission issue depending on the geography of the event. Rats may be displaced and looking for new homes. Both of these pests may require a wide area effort to aid the community.”


Dr. Doug Mampe

“Check on your chemical storage — which, hopefully, you secured beforehand — and then reach out to customers. What a marketing opportunity!”

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