What’s the most outlandish pest home remedy you’ve heard?


September 19, 2017

Dr. Austin Frishman, Industry Consultant, President, AMF Pest Management Services

“Persons who want to keep pests away throw pennies in the corner of a room. They often supplement it by adding a white powder. I saw this many, many times for mice and cockroaches in various housing projects. The more severe the problem, the more pennies and powder were present.”

Frank Meek, International Technical & Training Director, Orkin

“Hanging a clear plastic bag with water and coins in it will keep flies away. You see this all through Central America.”

Pete Schopen, President, Schopen Pest Solutions

“It always scares me to death when clients brag about pouring gasoline down ant holes — and then lighting
the hole. Yikes!”


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  1. How about using bay leaves to get rid of German cockroaches. Used to hear that all the time in apartment buildings. Although the reason why they called me was they had… cockroaches.