2017 New York Pest Expo: Live coverage


November 10, 2017

Bug Off

Check here for all-day updates live from Bug Off Pest Control Center’s New York Pest Expo, Fort Lee, N.J., and check out our social media coverage on Facebook and Twitter at #PestExpo.

With nearly 30 exhibitors on hand, there are also six speakers scheduled for today:

NY Expo signage

Throughout the meeting, attendees are encouraged to take selfies in the lobby in front of the Bug Off backdrop.


Lou Sorkin Manny Guzman

Louis Sorkin, BCE, left, is a #PestExpo speaker. But he had a pre-event chat with Pestrol CEO Manny Guzman over a whip scorpion — just one of many cool networking opportunities going on at today’s event.


Andy Linares

Can you spot Bug Off Pest Control Center’s Andy Linares in this photo? He went over the history of the New York Pest Expo as he wound his way among the tables in the “training center” room. There are also three rooms to house the nearly 30 exhibitors for the event.


Reid Ipser

Dr. Reid Ipser, Nisus Corp., was the first speaker of the day at Bug Off’s 2017 Pest Expo.


David Nardolilli

After a brief break where Andy Linares gave away prizes to Pest Expo attendees, BASF’s David Nardolilli, BCE, spoke on filth flies.


Dr. Faith Oi

Dr. Faith Oi, University of Florida, is speaking at the NY Pest Expo courtesy of Bayer. She let attendees know pavement ants have a NEW SPECIES NAME as of last week (and the Entomological Society of America meeting): Tetramorium immigrans.


Dr. Faith Oi

We appreciate the shoutout to our November 2016 State of the Industry cover in Dr. Oi’s presentation!


After a break to let attendees eat lunch and visit with exhibitors, the first afternoon speaker was J.T. Eaton’s James Rodriguez, ACE, discussing rat management.


Dean Stanbridge

Dean Stanbridge’s swan song to the industry, before he starts a new career in materials coating, is a topic near and dear to his heart: cockroach control.


Lou Sorkin

Did Lou Sorkin, BCE, start his presentation off with such an angry slide because he’s the last speaker of the day, or because his topic in on “persistent, irritating, hard-to-kill pests”? He won’t say…



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  1. This was a first class trade show sponsored by a real pro who knows how to serve his clients royally. Lots of great presentations and a super sized assortment of vendors all showing the latest advances in pest control application sciences. If you’re a pest control professional you want to attend this incredible show every year. It’s truly one of the best.