Edge’s success lies in people-focused approach

By |  November 17, 2017

Edge’s success is based on caring for customers and employees alike.

When Edge | The Service Company was founded in Denver, Colo., in 2009, Founder and CEO Andrew Richardson bought its first service vehicle wholesale because of the huge dent in its side. It may not have been cosmetically pretty, but it was a workhorse that got them to their first customers — and by the end of 2009, they had generated $403,000 in revenue. By 2015, there were five branches serving six states, revenue of more than $16 million and a supplier debut at the National Pest Management Association’s PestWorld with its proprietary industry software, PestMate. It’s safe to say that today, boasting 500 employees, Edge’s fleet of Ford Transit vans on the road in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon and Washington are rolling dent-free.

From the start, Andrew Richardson’s vision was to build a culture that would lift others and improve their lives.
Photo: Edge | The Service Company

What’s made this company skyrocket so brilliantly is that it’s made the Inc. 5000 list three times in a row, despite never taking in any outside investments. Richardson says it boils down to having the right people and processes in place.

“We have automated and implemented processes so we can focus more on our people,” he adds, noting that software programs optimizing routing, billing and even training have helped in this regard. “This focus is built around the principle that people are happiest when they are lifting and helping others, when they are focused outwardly vs. inwardly. When we are able to make this connection with our people, they are happy — and progress, growth and opportunity are simply byproducts.”

Door-to-door and other tried-and-true marketing strategies, such as providing same-day service for better retention and service ratios, have paid off. Since 2013, Edge’s sales force has been using a proprietary iPad app that tracks door-knocking, generates contracts, and syncs up with service specialists nearby. By 2014, the team was “breaking industry records in contract value, attrition and sold-to-service ratio,” says Richardson, a 2015 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

Richardson says he and his team make sure to put a percentage of revenue back into marketing and technology each year, as “an investment for the future.” In 2018, he says, one of Edge’s planned initiatives includes opening new company headquarters with all the benefits and amenities such new facilities can provide team members. Edge also recently became a premier sponsor for Brigham Young University’s Athletics program, furthering its brand recognition in Utah households and beyond.

“We’re also building out our servicing arm,” Richardson notes, with expansion in both the pest management and lawn care industries. “I envision Edge growing through a balanced, three-pronged approach. We will grow through organic marketing, acquisitions, and direct-to-market sales. In this regard, we believe Edge is unique because we are actually able to execute effectively in all three areas while maintaining a high level of consistency.”


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