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PCO Supply: Poly Spikes

|  November 27, 2017
PCO Supply Spikes

Photo: PCO Supply

There is a reason PCO Supply’s Poly Spikes have been a favorite of pest management companies for years, the company says: The one-piece, 5-in. ring shank nail keeps vapor barriers tight and secure. The 1-in. cap on the poly spike dispenses the surface pressure, eliminating the common holes and tears created by a smaller nail head. A damaged vapor barrier that has pulled away and is no longer secure creates problems down the road. Another great feature of the poly spike is the ring shank design, which provides greater holding power. The small “threads” cut on the shank of the spike act as wedges to keep the spike firmly in place so that it cannot pop out. Although they can easily be installed by hand or with a hammer, the ring shank spikes are designed to hold and are not easily removed.

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