In Memoriam: Lloyd Smigel


November 29, 2017

Lloyd Merritt Smigel

Lloyd Merritt Smigel

Pest Management Professional Magazine has learned that former columnist and longtime industry business consultant Lloyd Smigel has passed away after a three-year battle with cancer. No memorial service has been announced, and his family requests that anyone wanting to donate in his name do so in any charity of their choice.

Smigel was the first national training director for Truly Nolen Pest Control, and later was a partner in two pest management firms, one in Tampa, Fla., and the other in Dallas, Texas. His Discovery Retreats, which began in 1999, were a precursor to today’s industry groups of non-competing professionals getting together to share business tips and discuss pertinent issues. In 2006, Smigel wrote Bug People to Business People, a compilation of his PMP columns that showcased his humorous way of imparting industry-specific sales and marketing ideas. He was also a regularly appearing columnist in nearly two dozen industry association publications.

On a personal note, Lloyd’s emails, phone calls and in-person conversations always left me with a smile. He couldn’t go more than a couple sentences without cracking wise, yet never in a mean-spirited way. He had a truly infectious, positive attitude toward this industry, and we are the better for having known him.


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  1. Christian Allen Borre says:

    I met Lloyd in the late 90’s when he was engaged as a consultant for a company I was an employee of in North NJ. I remember him as a guy with a great personality and very down to earth. My regards and deepest sympathy to his family.

  2. Jeff Annis says:

    Lloyd was instrumental in my personal development and the success of our company since 1995. We attended the Discovery Retreats and he helped us as a consultant many times over the years. He was a warm and giving person of strong character and great love for all he served.