McCool opens Pest Control Museum


December 1, 2017

Critter McCool

Eric “Critter” McCool shows off a pesticide bottle, part of his collection on display at the museum.

Eric “Critter” McCool, who currently holds world records for removing the largest yellowjacket nest and bee honeycomb, has opened a dedicated pest management museum in Franklin, Pa.

McCool’s Pest Control Museum, which opened to the public in early November, displays a large collection of pest management products and tools that represent 150 years of the industry’s heritage. While McCool is owner of CritterMcCool Wildlife Control & Bee Extractions in Erie, Pa., the museum’s collection also includes a broad array of sprayers, mouse traps, fly swatters, packaged products, and more.

According to McCool, who spent nearly 30 years amassing the vast collection of tools and products for the display, the museum represents a great opportunity for both pest management professionals and the public to learn more about the industry.

“I’m proud to work in this industry, but I think pest control sometimes gets a bad reputation by the public because we do have products made from chemicals,” he says. “But we are a very responsible profession and one that has a long and storied history. I decided to create the pest control museum because our story should be known.”

The museum is the first of a three-phase project for the location. Next will come the Stinging Insect Research and Training Center, an international training facility geared to product testing, venom collection, and pesticide research and development.

“I’ve traveled the country doing training sessions and given a few internationally, as well,” McCool says. “The new center will not only allow me to train more PMPs but also other industry experts can teach sessions so I’m hoping it becomes a mecca for stinging insect research.”

Phase three of the project is McCool’s corporate facility and a storefront that will be at the location.


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