What’s the worst piece of industry advice you received?


December 11, 2017

On p. 10 of our December issue, you’ll see great responses from Dr. Austin Frishman, Frank Meek and Kurt Scherzinger. But two more of our contributors weighed in on the topic of “What’s the worst piece of advice you received when you started out in the pest management industry?”

  • Stuart Aust: Probably the worst advice — or advice merely out of concern — that I received was from my parents, in-laws and family. They were concerned about my wife, Donna, and I starting a pest control company and didn’t think it was a good idea to go into our own business. Nonetheless, we did it against their advice and God has blessed us. I really didn’t get bad advice from most people. In fact, most of it was good advice!
  • Paul Hardy: In 1964, we were instructed to attach polyethylene to the subfloor floor joist on pier construction and manufactured housing when adding moisture control. This resulted in many complaints and legal actions.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Fancy talk people who have no prior experience in pest control industry into buying a franchise. After signing the agreement, 3 weeks long of training, franchisor expects to collect roality. But the dreadful days just begun for the investor.