VM Products: EZ Snap Seeker


January 22, 2018

VM EZ Snap SeekerThe EZ Snap Seeker features an innovative design that allows users to “seek out the source” in attics, drop ceilings and tight spaces. The snap trap is integrated with the rodent station with an innovative plug system that keeps the rat from pulling off the trap. VM worked with scientists to identify ways to move the rodent into the box more quickly. The result is a cored-out opening with a larger entry point, allowing the rodent’s head to be in the box while their feet are on the existing surface, giving the rodent a sense of safety to enter the box. Once the rodent is in the station, there is a baffling system that leads the rodent directly to the trigger zone of the snap trap. The unit is American made and features 100 percent recycled, injection-molded plastic.


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