Pelsis: Project Neo


February 16, 2018

Pelsis Project NeoProject Neo technology rodent stations use the rodent characteristic of “thigmophilic behavior” — a reliance on touch to navigate environments — to help solve the problem of rat neophobia, or the fear of anything new in their environment. Stations incorporating the patent-pending technology have an open entry tunnel, allowing the rodent to maintain contact with both the ground and vertical surface, while minimizing the introduction of a different scent. Inside the stations, the configuration allows for the use of either two traps or baits. With regular resetting, company research has found, rats enter Project Neo technology rodent stations within 14 hours, allowing for up to 27 percent more rats being controlled over a one-week period, and resulting in both reduced treatment times and a lower risk to non-target species. Each stakeable station features space for custom branding, as well as a universal key lock.

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