BHB spins off in 2 states


March 13, 2018

Andy Nieves Michael Broder

Andy Nieves, left, shakes hands with Michael Broder.

Michael Broder, president of New York, N.Y.-based BHB Pest Elimination, has announced a new, separate company to handle BHB’s New Jersey and Pennsylvania operations.

“To this point, we were able to handle all from our NYC office,” says Broder, whose father, Ben, founded the company in 1969. “But over the last few years, our operations throughout New Jersey and Pennyslvania have grown considerably and needed to become its own separate entity.”

Andy Nieves, BHB Pest Elimination’s longtime director of operations, jumped on the opportunity to take on ownership and create the new company.

“I could not be more excited for Andy, he’s been like a brother to me,” says Broder. “He joined BHB as a salesman out of college. Like so many people in this industry, he fell in love with it, excelled in everything he did and quickly became involved in all aspects of the company.”

Broder says this should be a seamless change for customers, as all services remain the same. He adds that it also lays the foundation for future BHB branches and franchises.


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  1. Steven Leaves says:

    When will they join Anticimex in New York?