NPMA Board approves dues restructuring


March 19, 2018

NPMAOn March 17, the Board of Directors of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) voted to accept a large-scale sustainable platform for the future of the association, including a dues restructuring proposal developed by an appointed blue ribbon task force.

During the May 2016 industry strategic planning summit, nicknamed “P3,” industry leaders identified assessing the NPMA membership dues structure as a high priority to ensure the future of the association. The dues structure had not been addressed for more than 20 years.

“The goal of the Task Force was to create a climate of trust within the membership, ensuring fairness, transparency and equitability,” says Chuck Tindol, past president of NPMA. “To ensure that all voices within the membership categories were heard and had a voice in the results, I appointed this 15-member blue ribbon task force comprised of representatives of all stakeholders, including large companies, small companies, joint and standard states and large joint state affiliates.”

The new dues schedule will take effect Jan. 1, 2019, for calendar year renewals and July 1, 2019, for fiscal renewal. The NPMA will offer transition plans for highly impacted companies. The revised dues are as follows (for a fuller schedule, see the PDF online):

  • Revenue: $100,000 Current Dues (joint/standard): $115/$225 2019 Dues (j/s): $185/$250
  • Revenue: $200,000 Current Dues (joint/standard): $189/$509 2019 Dues (j/s): $185/$250
  • Revenue: $500,000 Current Dues (joint/standard): $493/$782 2019 Dues (j/s): $375/$500
  • Revenue: $2,500,000 Current Dues (joint/standard): $1,270/$2,887 2019 Dues (j/s): $1,315/$1,750
  • Revenue: $10,000,000 Current Dues (joint/standard): $4,908/$6,945 2019 Dues (j/s): $4,125/$5,500

In a “Frequently Asked Questions” release, the NPMA addresses the notion that it’s merely trying to increase its revenue. That is not the case; rather, the NPMA has projected an initial membership revenue loss, with an overall increase in membership dues revenue of less than 10 percent by 2023. In spite of the initial projected loss, the NPMA will continue to place a significant focus on developing resources for its members to help them grow their business; train, hire and keep qualified employees; and be protected from unwieldy regulations. It has also invested in technology to serve members today and in future, including online education, with an eye to providing quality training and elevating the professionalism of the industry.

“We’ve been diligent in our work, conducting a comprehensive review to ensure that NPMA’s future will continue to be bright,” says Bobby Jenkins, chairman of the blue ribbon task force. “We are very pleased that the NPMA board of directors has approved this path forward.”


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