Quiz: Thirteen-lined ground squirrel facts you should know


April 3, 2018

The thirteen-lined ground squirrel (Ictidomys tridecemlineatus) also is known as the leopard ground squirrel, squinney and striped gopher. Whatever you call this foot-long pest, see how well you know its anatomy and behavior.

Photo: ©istock.com/NNehring

Photo: ©istock.com/NNehring


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  1. Gene White says:

    There needs to be clarity on questions #3 & #4. First,(#3) the range is South Central Canada to South Texas (page 104 Peterson Field Guide to Mammals). Mostly in the central part of the US. I actually have this species here in MI.

    (#4) While they are opportunistic feeders, their diet is mostly confined to seeds and insects. Feeding on shrews is irregular and limited to aggression between species as competitors.