TNI: 2017 in review


April 3, 2018

Truly Nolen Intl

While Truly Nolen’s domestic operations are based in Tucson, Ariz., its international operations (and training center) are based in Orlando, Fla.

Mouse cars planting roots around the world continues to be a highlight for Truly Nolen International (TNI), as the Orlando, Fla.-based company celebrated 12 grand openings throughout 2017. This brings its presence to 220 service offices in 65 countries.

“We are very proud to have welcomed a dozen new service offices to our family,” says Jose Lutz, CEO of Truly Nolen International. “It was absolutely one of our most successful years in our company’s history in terms of expansion and growth.”

Truly Nolen International’s goal remains to be present in every country in the world. “The franchisees’ drive to be successful, combined with their desire to make sure their customers receive quality service, has helped us continue to grow across the globe,” says Lutz. “This combination and how recognizable the Truly Nolen brand is worldwide have been important to our success.”

The franchises that opened in 2017 are located in TNI’s newest locations include La Matanza, Argentina; Braga, Santos, and Amapa, Brazil; Siguatepeque, Honduras; Popayan and Neiva, Colombia; Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay; Osorno, Angol, and Ovalle, Chile, and Davao, Philippines. These 12 openings bring the company’s total to 220 offices in 65 countries.

Truly Nolen International employs over 3,500 around the globe, and says it has the largest footprint of any pest control company in the world, in terms of countries in which they operate.


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