Star Wars inspires insect illustrations


May 31, 2018

Insect illustrations

Photo: Richard Wilkinson

This past weekend, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” premiered in theaters. The film was the smallest opening for a “Star Wars” film since 2002, according to CNN. The prequel about the origins of Han Solo, had a four-day weekend opening including the Monday holiday, Memorial Day. Han Solo is a pilot from the planet Corellia and the second owner of the ship the Millennium Falcon. Solo was played in the original “Star Wars” films by Harrison Ford.

According to Disney, the film only made an estimated $101 million domestically and $148 million worldwide. “Rogue One,” Disney’s other “Star Wars” spinoff, made $290 million globally for its debut in December 2016. So comparatively, “Solo” is the smallest opening for a “Star Wars” film since 2002.

Here is some more upbeat news for the Star Wars fans:

U.K.- based artist Richard Wilkinson is working on an illustration project that turns the characters, ships, and creatures from Star Wars into a collection of imaginary insects. Each beetle and bug from his illustration series lists genus, family and species names to complete the Star Wars-inspired insect.

Wilkinson is selling prints of these uniquely camouflaged and colored insects on his website and plans to release a book later this summer with the working title Arthropoda Iconicus Volume I: Insects From A Far Away Galaxy.



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