BedBug Central survey shows seasonal trend


June 7, 2018

BedBug Central logoResults from BedBug Central‘s second annual Bed Bug Activity survey show predicted and surprising trends. The first Bed Bug Activity survey and “Year in Review” were released last year.

This year’s data were collected on a monthly basis and asked participants if their bed bug treatments were “up,” “flat” or “down.” The data were then analyzed overall to determine bed bug activity trends across the country.

According to the results, bed bug activity was noted as a seasonal trend. Although the data showed seasonal trends throughout the country for much of 2017, spring of 2018 has yet to regain the bed bug momentum it had the previous year.

An increase in travel and temperatures could be factors as to why bed bug activity increases in the summer, according to Jeff White, director of innovation and technical content at BedBug Central.

Last year, BedBug Central released its first Bed Bug Activity Survey and the “Year in Review,” which revealed trends and historical comparisons.

Pest management companies can participate in the survey to help provide valuable information about bed bugs throughout the country. To participate in BedBug Central’s monthly bed bug surveys and receive the complete results for each region, sign up on its website.


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  1. Valuable article. There’s also an increase in bed bugs in summer. One can take some precautions. For instance, one could be more cautious to not have carried back bed bugs from the hotel you may have stayed in. You can also reduce the clutter in your room because bedbugs hide in dark corners. Vacuum weekly and dispose the vacuum bag off after each use.