Wire-chewing woodchuck caught in police parking lot


June 26, 2018

The Madison Police Department at the East District in Wisconsin had a suspect they needed help catching. An unknown culprit was damaging some personal vehicles of employees at the MPD. After viewing surveillance videos, the MPD identified their suspect — a woodchuck, according to Madison’s ABC affiliate station WKOW 27. So, the MPD called a pest control company to come to their rescue.

The woodchuck, who naturally eats soybean, was chewing wires from underneath some the cars that have soy-based lubricants as wire insulation, Lieutenant Tim Peregoy with the MPD told WKOW. The local pest control company set up traps around the parking lot with cantaloupe. The woodchuck was caught and released in a better habitat.

Peregoy assured WKOW that all patrol cars were inspected and had not been part of the woodchuck’s target. But, to be sure, traps are still set up around the MPD.

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