Caption This: Ice cream truck choices


July 23, 2018

Ice cream truck illustration by Leo Michael

Illustration: Leo Michael

You know you have a funny quip for this Leo Michael panel. Why not share it with the industry? Send us an email with your idea to by Aug. 1, 2018. We’ll print our favorite in the September issue.

If we pick your entry, you’ll win a $50 VISA gift card. Some restrictions may apply.

*Entries must be emailed to the address above. Website and social media comments and/or replies will not be considered.


Lucas Lindstrom, administrative assistant/media developer for Southwest Avian Solutions in Glendale, Ariz., receives a $50 VISA card because of his winning entry: “I’ll take the AB Pop!” “Are you sure?” “Positive!”

The runner-up entry comes from Rick DeDonato, marketing director for Royal Pest Solutions in New Castle, Del.: “One POOP-SICLE, please.”

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