Wildlife control is not for the novice


September 9, 2018

PHOTO: Charles Holt

PHOTO: Charles Holt

Do you offer wildlife management services? Last month, we asked that very question in an informal social media poll. Nearly all respondents who confirmed they do included a caveat: You must know what you’re doing.

“Fake it ’til you make it” is not allowed. That could be said of any area of pest control work, although following a product label and improving sanitation can go a long way. With wildlife, though, a little more specialized skill is needed.

Longtime Florida-based pest management professional Art Manon also cautions that “close attention is needed in collections — you really need to sell value here.”

Isn’t it unfortunate that a service that requires so much skill, labor and time can be so easily brushed off by a customer when payment is due? You made it look so easy — that they think it was.

In “Understanding wildlife invaders“, we feature the expertise of Charles Holt, president of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. His advice just might take you to the sweet spot of being able to offer this service — without it being a hassle. Holt reveals four steps to integrated wildlife management that will have you on your way to mastering control and prevention, while also pleasing customers.

Take this poll and let us know if you offer wildlife services.

Dr. Janis Reed, BCE, Technical Services Manager, Product Development Team at Control Solutions Inc., stresses the importance of knowing the laws and regulations for wildlife control because they can vary in each state. Read more: Know local laws, regulations for wildlife control


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