Mainely Ticks offers franchises


September 25, 2018



Windham, Maine-based Mainely Ticks is now offering franchises. Mainely Ticks Franchise Development Inc., led by Bob and Barb Maurais, provides the educational and scientific resources for franchisees to employ community-based tick management strategies, which increase awareness and protection beyond property treatments.

“Our job is not to simply treat to protect one’s property,” says Bob Maurais. “Our job is to teach to better protect one’s community.”

Over the past 25 years, reports of Lyme disease have increased steadily, with estimated annual cases now exceeding 300,000. Researchers and healthcare practitioners continue to discover emerging bacterial, viral or protozoal disease agents and new tick-borne illnesses associated with tick bites.
Mainely Ticks’ refined, community-based model is designed to define local advocacy, education and service.

“Our Mainely Ticks affiliate enjoys routine double-digit growth and commands better than 90 percent recurring revenue year-after-year, with compact neighborhood and community route densities critical to this much-needed service,” Maurais notes in a press release. “There’s no need to drive great distances to generate recurring revenue and provide great, community-based protection.

Franchise discounts are available for qualified veterans, teachers, current landscape/lawn care service providers and pest management professionals.


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