Nature’s Own now offers chimney service


October 29, 2018



Houston, Texas-based Nature’s Own Pest & Lawn Services has expanded to add Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning to its family of home services in Eastern Texas. Offering chimney sweeping in Houston, Dallas and Austin, the company is rapidly expanding both its geographical reach as well as the number of residential problems they’re able to address.

Chimneys are an often-overlooked part of many residential homes, but the ventilation they provide prevents smoke and other air pollutants from amassing within a home. An untended chimney can lead to a buildup in carbon monoxide gas, as it becomes trapped and clogged by debris. Furthermore, residue from chimney use, like creosote and soot, can accumulate over time and become a fire hazard. According to statistics by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2017, there are 22,000 fires caused by chimneys or fireplaces annually. When soot and smoke have gathered within a flue, they can waft back down into homes and lead to respiratory health issues, whether they aggravate issues like asthma and COPD or lead to entirely new problems.

After a thorough chimney inspection, the trained professionals at Nature’s Own pressure-wash the chimney; repair any cracks or holes in drywall, sheetrock or brick; and reline flues to ensure the chimney is working optimally. How often homeowners should have their chimney cleaned depends on how often it’s used, but most experts recommend an inspection at a minimum of once a year.

Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning also offers a number of other chimney-related services, ranging from repairs for issues like damaged ducts and leaks to animal and pest removal. The team also specialized in air duct system cleaning, as another measure to ensure its clients have clean air to breathe. As an offshoot of the established Nature’s Own Pest Control, the chimney sweep team at Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning asserts their passion for customer satisfaction and strives to provide a robust set of services for residential and commercial buildings.


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