Cingo honors community heroes


November 2, 2018



Two sisters who together provide a safe space for teenage girls. An elderly man who builds handicap access ramps for homes in his community. A high school student working to raise awareness of the dangers of human trafficking. These are some of the first recipients of Cingo’s Circle & Shield award, a program launched this year to honor people in our communities who help make the world a safer place.

“Cingo means ‘to surround and secure’ — to protect. That’s what we do,” says Lanny Allgood, CEO of the Atlanta, Ga.-based pest management firm. “We have a lot of respect for those who make protection a part of what they do, too, so we created this award to honor some of the quiet heroes in our community.”

Meet Cingo’s first round of Circle & Shield winners:

  • Jay Bailey, committed to bettering the lives of children through foster care. “Our No. 1 priority is to introduce children to a normal, loving environment.”
  • Lyle Gordon, who spends his retirement days helping others create safe spaces with projects like building access ramps and repairing chairs. “I don’t do it for a pat on the back, I do it for that kind of reaction and knowing I did good.”
  • Darius Scott, a teenager working to raise awareness of human trafficking. “I was shocked at the extent and cruelty of human trafficking around the world, even here in Georgia.”
  • Ginger Horne and Becky Green, two sisters who provide lodging and assistance to girls ages 13-18 who need somewhere to live. “We were raised in a good home, and we want other girls to have a safe place, too.”
  • Beth Drafts, an adoption advocate who raises money to help families trying to adopt. “I’ve found the biggest obstacle that prevents families from providing a safe and secure home to orphans is the high cost of adoption.”
  • Sheriff Alfonzo Williams, whose service in Burke County, Ga., goes far beyond his official duties. “We lead with social work, and we want to be known for serving others.”

Circle & Shield nominations can be submitted by members of the community or Cingo team members. Potential recipients are reviewed by Cingo’s Circle & Shield committee, and winners are announced approximately monthly. Cingo strives to honor those working under the radar of major donors and regular media coverage, seeking out those who work at the grassroots level of their communities.

“Everyone knows someone in their community who goes above and beyond with little credit or notice,” says Allgood. “We want to hear about those people and honor them.”

Nominations for Cingo’s Circle & Shield award can be submitted here.


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