UPFDA puts focus on the future


November 5, 2018


At UPFDA’s 50th anniversary meeting, Bob Dold Jr. addressed attendees. PHOTO: MARTY WHITFORD

This will be my last update as the outgoing president of the United Producers, Formulators and Distributors Association (UPFDA), but it’s one I am happy to write because the past two years have been full of successes for the association. The success we have seen is a direct result of its members, and one word: involvement.


Industry consultant Mike McDermott, left, caught up with Dan Carrothers, FMC Professional Solutions’ commercial director. PHOTO: MARTY WHITFORD

To be honest, UPFDA had reached a point where its mandate, purpose and direction wasn’t as firmly rooted as when the founders put together the organization 50 years ago. The direction and future of UPFDA wasn’t clear to its members. But it’s the normal cycle for any association or company, as we are in a diverse industry that sees constant change. And change is good, if it’s embraced and benefited from.

New direction

We all are aware of the consolidation in the industry, for both suppliers and pest management professionals (PMPs). Coupled with the environmental and regulatory climates, these changes required a need to rethink our association mandate and the benefits it brings to both members and the industry.

Plus, we have seen a change in generations — with the first, and now second generations in the industry handing the reins over to the next. It’s important to hang on to tradition and values, but it’s just as important to let new members have their impact on the industry and set their own direction.

The association has a lot to offer members and the industry, but we needed to meet these challenges head-on. With this in mind, the UPFDA board, through membership and committees, has worked diligently the past two years on setting new directions for the future of the association.

Tangible results

Since 2016, we have seen a 10 percent increase in membership, established several new committees focused on current challenges, and have seen participation and attendance at our various meetings increase by 25 percent. The 50th anniversary meeting was one of the best attended we’ve ever held.

I’m also happy to report that our budgets and finances are in great shape, thanks in part to sponsorships from several major company members.

There are too many people, companies, committee members and sponsors involved to mention each by name here, but this new focus on “involvement” has guaranteed the future success of UPFDA, serving members and the industry alike. I am more than proud to have been a part of UPFDA for the past 28 years, and I look forward to many more to come.


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