The rodent station with something extra


November 20, 2018

In September, two technicians with Guaranteed Pest Control & Fertilization, Davie, Fla., were routinely inspecting rodent bait stations at an account in nearby Weston when one found a loaded clip and bullets inside one of the units. The station had remained locked — police theorize that the items were slipped in through the pest portal of the unit. The ammunition was oxidized, leading police to believe it was hidden shortly after the technicians’ last visit four weeks before.

According to ABC affiliate WPLG Local 10, “the trap is in a heavily landscaped area next to a fence along State Road 84, but adjacent to a quiet neighborhood.”

We’ve heard of snakes cozying up in stations, but ammunition is new to us. What is the most surprising thing you’ve found on an inspection? Sound off below, or email us at

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