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November 28, 2018

Slug-A-Bug has always viewed training as an integral part of its success. Our unique leadership development initiative has both formal (mandatory) and informal (optional) components.

The formal program is executed via weekly Skype calls with key leadership by our business consultant Harvey Goldglantz, who has been with us since 2003. The optional program was developed by John Gagnon, our administrative and logistics coordinator.

It’s our policy to support leadership with ongoing coaching and to promote from within, whenever feasible. However, we realize it’s not always possible to find personnel capable of stepping in at our time of need. That’s where John stepped up with creating and running our leadership development program.

We realized not only would this program be beneficial to our company, but it would also allow employees the option of taking advantage of professional growth and personal self-development.

This voluntary program is offered four to six times a year. Employees attend after work hours, without additional compensation. There’s no guarantee the program will lead to advancement; it’s one step on the pathway to leadership. The course is made available to employees who are seeking upward mobility or personal growth.

First and foremost, the foundation of the program is deeply rooted in, and aligned with, our companies’ core values.

The curriculum is diverse. Speakers come from inside and outside the company. Participants are taught about profit-and-loss statements, route profitability, efficiency, balance sheets and Excel spreadsheets. They’re educated on every facet of how a business is run, including customer service, inter-departmental relationships, human resource practices, etc. — and it has served us well.

— Steve Lum, President, Slug-A-Bug, Melbourne, Fla., and the Florida Pest Management Association


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Steve Lum, President, Slug-A-Bug, Melbourne, Fla., and the Florida Pest Management Association

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