6 steps to screening superstars


December 1, 2018



No matter the position you’re looking to fill, your interview and follow-up procedures are key. Here are six steps to ensure success:

1. Thoroughly review the resume, making sure there are no significant lapses in employment. Don’t take the candidate’s word for it — if you find lapses, investigate. Make sure his or her job history is compatible with the position you’re seeking to fill.

2. Before the interview, develop a list of questions. Delve into the candidate’s job history, prior responsibilities, personal interactions with superiors, team members and customers. If you have a difficult time thinking of questions, you can find a list of relevant interview questions online.

3Hire a company to conduct personality screenings on all qualified candidates. The results will give insight into the probability of success in their positions.

4. Conduct thorough background and reference checks on all serious candidates. Also, conduct drug screening prior to employment.

5. Require all candidates sign a non-compete/non-disclosure agreement in the event of termination. Also, put in place a 90-day probationary period.

6. Last but not least, “hire hard.” You may like the person’s personality, but if you find that he or she doesn’t meet your requirements, move on. It will save you problems down the line.


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