On the rocks, or on the ants?


December 18, 2018

Video documentary powerhouse Great Big Story recently published a video in conjunction with the Singapore Tourism Board titled “Nature’s Cocktail.” The three-minute video profiles Vijay Mudaliar, co-owner and founder of Native, a cocktail bar in Singapore. Since 2015, he has been foraging in Singapore’s both rural and urban environments for unusual ingredients to create signature drinks. And when we say unusual, we mean unusual — grasshoppers, salmon roe, ants. ANTS?

“The foraged ants, for example, contain folic acid, so when you pop them in your mouth they taste like little limes or lemons, because of the acidity,” he says in the video. And in case you’re wondering, grasshoppers have a savory, soy-like flavor, according to Mudaliar.

While I’ve personally partaken in Chocolate Chirp cookies and had some insect-infused candy over the years, I’m not sure I want my Grasshopper made with anything but creme de menthe, creme de cacao and, well, cream. Watch the video below and sound off in the comments (or drop us a line at pmpeditor@northcoastmedia.net): Would you be brave enough to drink an insect-based cocktail — or mocktail, if that’s your preference?


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