Falconer turns hobby into second career


December 20, 2018



The old saw about “when life closes a door, a window opens” is quite true for Lori Prichard of HawkEye Predators, based in Long Beach, Calif. A recent profile by Spectrum News 1 So Cal explains how, after she was laid off from her job as a corporate illustrator in 2011, Prichard turned her longtime hobby of falconry into a full-time career.

These days, she travels around Southern California with three birds and an apprentice (who uses a GPS tracker to make sure the birds stay on course). Among her clients is the Redondo Beach Pier, with her birds chasing away seagulls, crows and other potential pests.

On her website, Prichard admits she’s been fascinated by birds since childhood: “As an ‘aspiring bird,’ I would jump off the patio table in the backyard, endlessly flapping my arms and praying heavenward to lift me up. One summer as I sat at the table bored and disappointed, my mother admonished me to ‘sit up straight! Your shoulder blades are sticking out like wings.’ FINALLY! I brightened, knowing it was just a matter of time! Certainly God knows how to answer prayers. Today, every time I release a bird off the glove, I am flying, too. There is no better feeling.”

Plus, Prichard’s “trailer” for her company is #LifeGoals. Watch it now.


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