A killer (ant) movie coming to theaters Jan. 25


January 7, 2019

Mark Jan. 25 on your calendars. Nope, not a training day, but an entertaining one: That’s when the movie “Dead Ant” debuts, in theaters, on-demand and digital HD. It was made in 2017, which honestly, doesn’t bode well when it’s been shelved for that long. Still, you had me at hair metal.

With all the hallmarks of a solid B-movie, the website Gizmodo reports that “Dead Ant” stars Tom Arnold, Sean Astin and Jake Busey, among others. The plot is an in-depth examination of what happens when a has-been hair metal band on its way to Coachella gets high on peyote and (spoiler alert) ends up fighting a giant killer ant. Watch the official trailer here.

The movie poster describes it as “‘Spinal Tap’ meets ‘Tremors.’” Let us know if you screen this flick and if so, whether you think it’s the next “Rocky Horror Picture Show” or closer to the 55 percent that Culture Crypt gave it.


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