Orkin promotes Chrzanowski, Watson


January 18, 2019

Pat Chrzanowski, left, and Art Watson. PHOTOS: ROLLINS INC.

Pat Chrzanowski, left, and Art Watson. PHOTOS: ROLLINS INC.

Atlanta, Ga.-based Rollins Inc. has announced two leadership changes in Orkin USA’s Northeast and Midwest divisions.

Pat Chrzanowski is now Midwest division president. He started with the company in 2007 in the Region Manager Development Program. He was the Tennessee region manager for seven years, then moved to the Atlantic division as sales manager in October 2012. He became the Northeast Division President in 2014.

Arthur Watson succeeds Chrzanowski as president of the Northeast division. For the past two-and-a-half years, he led the commercial region in the South Central division. Prior to joining Orkin, he worked for Steritech for 11 years, and was the vice president of Central Markets.

“I’m really excited about the leadership changes we recently made at Orkin, and I’m confident in both Pat’s and Art’s ability to help lead us into the future,” says Freeman Elliott, president of Orkin USA. “They both have an eye for strategic growth, leading employees and helping our customers — all of which are essential for leading a successful division.”


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