UPI becomes UPL


January 23, 2019



Effective Jan. 1, 2019, UPL, a global crop protection product producer, changed the name of its North American operation from United Phosphorus Inc. (UPI) to UPL NA Inc.

“The new UPL brand name for the North America business more accurately reflects the global corporate identity,” says Manish Sirohi, director, Strategy and Innovation. “The change aligns our business with our corporate parent and their subsidiaries around the world.”

UPL globally has a presence in more than 130 countries on six continents — with 33 manufacturing and formulation facilities in 11 countries. UPL is focused on emerging as a premier global provider of total crop solutions designed to secure the world’s long-term food supply.

In the U.S. pest control industry, UPL NA Inc.’s insecticide products include Acephate, ImiGold 2F, Lambda-Cy EC, Tengard SFR, Up-Cyde Pro 2.0 EC and Up-Star. It also produces MagnaPhos and Weevil-Cide fumigants.


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