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February 1, 2019

Legislative Day 2019 LOGO: NPMA


The National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA’s) 31st annual Legislative Day conference will take place Feb. 24-26 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C. The new year commences the 116th Congress, as well as the official countdown to the 2020 elections, and there is no better time to participate in Legislative Day. With the midterm elections wrapped up, this is a perfect opportunity to begin meeting new legislators and reinforcing relationships with those heading back to D.C. for another term.

This conference is designed to bring together pest management professionals (PMPs) to advocate for legislative issues that are important to our industry. Each year, the NPMA works tirelessly to ensure that our collective voice is heard and represented across the country. We are committed to supporting our mission of protecting public health and pursuing public policy efforts that advance the work performed by our members.


Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) spoke at last year’s Headquarters on the Hill luncheon. “Make your voices heard,” he told those who stopped by for a break between their appointments on Capitol Hill. “Because if we can’t get things that don’t make the front page passed, like pesticide registration, it truly has an impact on what you do on a daily basis and the services that you provide to us.” PHOTO: DIANE SOFRANEC

Thanks to your continued support, the NPMA has been able to successfully advocate for the industry before Congress. At Legislative Day, your voice will be the most important one in the room, because you help the NPMA do what it does best: champion the industry. Above all, you vote for those in office, so they know they need to listen. Your participation and support not only amplify our work as an association but also will make an impact on which legislation Congress passes. Although a phone call or an email certainly can be important, there is nothing more impactful than a face-to-face interaction with your senator or Congress person. With your industry knowledge and experience, your advocacy has the power to affect your communities and Congress’ legislative agenda. We must show Congress how important our issues are — and that all begins and ends with you.

Keynote speakers

  • Pete Hegseth, Senior Political Analyst for Fox News
  • K.T. McFarland, former National Security Advisor
  • Rick Santorum, former U.S. Senator
  • Sean Spicer, former White House Press Secretary

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Dominique Stumpf, CAE, CMP, is the chief executive officer for the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). You can reach Stumpf at

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