‘Little cat’ town deals with rats


February 5, 2019



According to The Guardian, Gattolino is a small Italian village whose name translates roughly “little cat.” Interestingly enough, it is battling an infestation of “crazy white rats.” The rats behave strangely, “jumping in front of cars and killing each other,” The Guardian reports.

The population is thought to stem from a pigeon breeding farm that closed last year. Now that their food and shelter source is gone, the rats have fanned out looking for replacement.

But The Guardian interviewed a local bartender who shared an interesting (although not verified) tidbit: The rats are turning away in the road after passing the main Gattolino road sign. “Rats are not stupid,” he told the newspaper. “They know not to mess around with the little cat.”

Check out dashcam video of the rats here.


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