PMP‘s inaugural 1933 issue: Exterminators Log


February 15, 2019

inaugural issue of Exterminators Log 1933 cover

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Here’s an excerpt from the inaugural 1933 issue of the Exterminators Log, Pest Management Professional’s original name.

“At last we have it. When you first received a letter calling your attention to a magazine for exterminators and fumigators about to be placed in circulation, you no doubt thought what it would be like. Your curiosity was aroused and other thoughts flitted through your mind. With an anxious heart you were waiting to obtain and look the first issue over. So now you have it and are no doubt please with it’s contents.

“We hope you will enjoy every article and be so enthused that you will support it by sending information, suggestions, and personal items, that it will be of interest to your fellowmen. Up to the present time the exterminating and fumigating concerns have been without a magazine of their own. As these concerns have been increasing throughout the land many have felt the need of a magazine devoted entirely to the fumigators and exterminators, which should prove interesting and valuable.

“They realize that through the magazine they could keep in touch with their fellowmen. New information would be obtainable, new methods would be discussed through its pages, which would be valuable to the business. So the purpose and object of the Exterminators Log is to be devoted entirely to exterminators, fumigators and concerns that manufacture insecticides for the public.”


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