UPFDA offers industry opportunities

By |  February 20, 2019

Rose Pest Solutions’ Bob Dold Jr. asks attendees at the April 2018 conference, “What keeps you up at night?” PHOTO: MARTY WHITFORD

I am very proud to serve our members as the new president of the United Producers, Formulators and Distributors Association (UPFDA). I’m looking forward to the time we will spend together and the things we will accomplish during my term.



Last year, UPFDA celebrated its 50-year anniversary — and we had a large turnout of members gather in Chicago, to make it a wonderful event. As we took some time to reflect on our history and past members, Immediate Past President Karen Furgiuele also set the tone of looking forward to things to come.

One of UPFDA’s mandates is to promote the general welfare of persons and firms engaged in formulating and distributing products used in the pest control industry. Another is to maintain an active role to upgrade our industry, to strive toward excellence and better cooperation between customer and supplier. It is within these combined purposes that UPFDA has a great deal of value, including:

  • Our industry is stronger because we provide a format to communicate with other members from different companies on issues that may affect us all. I am happy to have made so many good friends through UPFDA that I may not have gotten to know otherwise. Through these friends, I am able to understand our industry from different perspectives and viewpoints. These interactions make us better prepared to face challenges and shape where we are going in the future.
  • Our meetings are a springboard for the planning and execution of our industry strategies. As part of our spring conferences, for example, UPFDA is committed to bringing in speakers whose topics are timely, meaningful and add value. We have speakers that will discuss our current legislative environment, inform our current situation in the pest control industry and investigate future trends. We also have topics that will help our members build and learn professionally. Through our sessions and speakers, UPFDA looks for opportunities to upgrade members’ knowledge and skills so that we all are better able to take on any challenge we may face and continue to make the industry strong together.

UPFDA will host its 2019 Spring Conference April 23-24 on the Riverwalk in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. It is an excellent venue with plenty of networking opportunities and ways to relax and have fun. Whether it is joining our newly added golf outing, shopping or taking in the sights, there is something for everyone.

As I begin this term, I know our association will only thrive though its members’ input and participation. Please feel free to write me a note or give me a phone call. There are plenty of ways to get involved if you wish to help on one of our committees. I look forward to seeing you and having a great year with UPFDA.

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