Mechanic discovers rabbit under PMP editor’s car hood


March 7, 2019



The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) recently released data on how rodents and wildlife are likely to get into vehicles this winter. Little did I know how close to home this report would hit.

In late January, a day after a snowstorm, my “check engine” light came on as I drove to the grocery store. I panicked, as my previous experience with that little light usually meant I’d soon be shopping for a new vehicle. But the car ran smoothly, so I chalked it up to the snow and cold.

The next morning, I left my car with my mechanic. When he called, he was laughing. “You’re not going to believe this,” Grizzly Auto’s Ross Romine told my husband, “but when we popped open your hood, a rabbit hopped out!”

We laughed, too, until we realized that cute little bunny caused more than $400 worth of chewed wire and harness damage.

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