Woodstream: Victor Pro Cage Traps


April 18, 2019



Made in the USA, the new Victor Pro line of cage traps is the latest in animal control coming from Woodstream and its long heritage of wildlife trapping. Designed for wildlife control professionals (WCPs), the traps offer heavy-duty features including 8-gauge wire body supports, uniform welds, high-tensile galvanized steel, 1×0.5-inch mesh, and heavy-duty door hinge plates. All traps feature a wire door and interior trigger rod. Baiting is easy with an innovative, patent-pending bait compartment on the VP1103 raccoon size trap. This bait compartment will keep bait and lures protected from the elements and animals, but can also be easily removed, allowing access to hang or place additional bait in the trap. Trap sizes include 32x10x12 inches; 24x7x7 inches; and 18x5x5 inches.

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