Cockroaches, live TV don’t always mix


April 30, 2019



“Great Day Live!” (“GDL!”), the morning show of Louisville, Ky.’s ABC affiliate, WHSD11, recently interviewed Lisa Fowler, ACE, live and in studio about termite swarm season. Fowler, who is account manager of OPC Pest Control Services, brought several hissing Madagascar cockroaches along for the interview. Host Angie Fenton seemed apprehensive about the whole idea from the start. When one of the cockroaches escaped under the couch, she became even more nervous about it, to say the least — but bravely went through with the interview. See it all go down here.

On the “GDL!” Facebook page, check out the behind-the-scenes search for the errant cockroach. (Spoiler alert: It was found, eventually.)

Fowler tells PMP that Fenton had dropped by the OPC offices before, and it was her suggestion to bring the cockroaches. “She saw them on my desk and thought they might be cool to bring,” Fowler says, noting she was a little surprised that Fenton seemed so jittery with them in the studio. Then again, she notes, the lid was on the container in the office!

Fowler said it was frustrating that the cockroaches wouldn’t hiss in the studio, and if she had to do it all over, she would have tried to get them warmed up first so they would. She did emphasize, though, that “no cockroaches were harmed during the segment.”

We think Fowler was admirable in her way of staying calm throughout, but as she told us, it’s not an uncommon reaction: “I’m used to people doing a lot of screaming when they see the cockroaches, both guys and girls,” she says with a laugh.

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