Dynamic Solutions Worldwide: DynaTrap DOT


May 16, 2019



Designed for residential accounts, plug in the sleek DynaTrap DOT at any indoor outlet where flying insects are a problem. The rotating plug allows for placement at an outlet of any orientation. It’s equipped with two LED and two UV-LED AtraktaGlo lights, and doubles as a nightlight. Insects drawn to the trap will be captured on the back of the attractive StickyTech Glue Card, where they are concealed from sight. Simply remove and replace the StickyTech Glue Card after it is covered with insects; the cards are available in popular d├ęcor colors.



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  1. Dear Qualified Pest Management Professionals: To get a sample of this patent-pending product, please email sales@dsw-llc.com. The DOT was recently named “Best in Class” out of thousands of lawn & garden products displayed at the 2019 National Hardware Show.