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May 19, 2019

Dr. Janis Reed, BCE, Technical Services Manager, Control Solutions Inc.

DR. REED is technical services manager for pest control operators for Control Solutions Inc. (CSI), a member of the ADAMA Group. She may be reached at

(Editor’s note: The 2019 PMP Mosquito Management Supplement is brought to you by Control Solutions Inc. Below is a word from our sponsor.)

The neighborhood I live in is surrounded on three sides by natural creeks, and I often walk my dog in and around the neighborhood park nearby. On casual observation, by whom I would call a “layperson,” the area is beautiful — filled with the sound of trickling water and wildlife, and lush with trees and blooming plants.

However, like many pest management professionals (PMPs), I am burdened with seeing a different version of reality. I see mosquito breeding, resting and harborage areas. I see water retention ponds, defunct koi ponds, bird baths, and soil depressions that fill with water, providing a perfect place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. I see mosquito food sources in the presence of people, pets, wild birds, squirrels, deer, wild pigs and even bobcats.

Like me, the average PMP is conditioned to see more — to see the forest for the proverbial trees. We all recognize the potential challenges if we are asked to provide mosquito management in an area with these types of conducive conditions, but how do we communicate these challenges and set expectations with our clients? It can be tricky, for sure.

In the U.S., we have everything needed for a mosquito-borne illness to spread rapidly, including:

  • Several species of mosquitoes capable of transmitting various pathogens that cause illness.
  • Plenty of potential hosts (people) in population centers all over the country.
  • Abundant reservoir species, such as birds, that can build up pathogen populations but show no symptoms.
  • Pathogens that cause these illnesses.

So far, luckily, we have avoided widespread disease outbreaks. But we must remain vigilant.



Looking beyond the surface

Many mosquito treatments are requested for reasons apart from medical or mosquito-borne illness concerns. People want to reclaim their backyard spaces, their pool decks, and their outdoor kitchens. They want to watch their children play in a sprinkler or play fetch with their dogs without facing annoying, painful and long-lasting bites.

PMPs must assist the public by helping provide sustainable mosquito control as well as education. We must teach our clients whenever possible how, where and why mosquitoes are breeding in their spaces. We must be stewards of our products, and use them in the best, most efficient and effective manner we can. We will be the ones asked to face the challenges of mosquitoes that vector mosquito-borne illnesses, and we must be ready for the task.

The Control Solutions Inc. (CSI) team is dedicated to providing high quality, reliable and effective products to our suppliers and customers. We offer many options pertaining to mosquito management. Our new Combination Chemistry encapsulated solution, ProFlex, is proven to provide not only long-lasting adult mosquito control with a single application, it also helps reduce the number of eggs exposed female mosquitoes produce. Our complete portfolio of vector control products can
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We strive to create effective, reliable, economical pest control solutions to help PMPs maximize results and income potential. At CSI, our mission is to develop innovation you can apply.


The Disease Triangle represents the necessary items for disease to develop. If all are present, mosquito-borne illnesses can occur. CHART: PMP STAFF

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